GirlGirl - Gina Valentina & Kristen Scott - My Reluctant Stepsister

GirlGirl - Gina Valentina & Kristen Scott - My Reluctant Stepsister
46:53 Nov 12, 2022
Gina Valentina is pissed that her step-sister Kristen is becoming the school slut, which in turn makes everyone think she’s a slut too. She’s decided that today’s the day that this is going to end. Gina catches her sister making out in her room with another girl from school, kicks her out of the house, and then jumps on the bed to have a discussion with her sister. 

Gina rails into her, telling Kristen that she’s ruining her reputation at school and doesn’t want everyone thinking she’s a slut. Kristen denies that anything she does is a reflection of what her sister does, but Gina’s not having any of it. Kristen explains that when she’s horny she wants to hook up with someone, dildos don’t do it for me. Gina’s just tired of everyone coming up to her and talking about Kristen and how slutty she is, she’s just done. 

That’s when it hits Gina, the only way to stop Kristen from being slutty is by quenching her sexual desires herself. Kristen doesn’t think that makes any sense, they’re sisters and she’d rather be known as a slut than as someone that hooks up with her sister. Kristen’s reluctant at first but as Gina persists she relaxes and just goes with the flow. Gina’s going to make Kristen her little slut now. 

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